Objective Statement

It’s a very bold thing, your objective statement. Bold because it is your reason why.

An objective statement is more than a bunch of words, it’s also an inside glimpse of who you are as a person. This is the single most important section of your resume because you are stating your intentions to the employer; your promise to the employer that you are who you say you are.

You are not a pre-assembled product shipped to the employers’ door … and your resume isn’t a packing list.

Do what other candidates don’t do – write an objective statement that has a little heart in it. Too many great people out there undercut themselves in the job hunt because their resume is canned, generic even. Think about how many candidates out there shoot in the dark when it comes to writing their resume and lose out on terrific opportunities because they don’t know how to write an excellent resume for themselves.

What goes in the Objective Statement?

Three things:

  • What are you offering to the employer that benefits their company?
  • How do you intend to use your offering?
  • What is the benefit to you?

The next few videos will show you how I’ve successfully coached people to write their own Objective Statements.

What are you offering to the employer?


How do you intend to use what you are offering?


And what will you gain from the experience?


Another way you could look at it is what’s in it for them, and what’s in it for you, and are the two in sync? Here is a full sample of an objective statement. You can also find it in Chapter 8 of my book, “Find a Job. NOW!” for more explanation.


Here is an objective statement that has been reworded to fit the style of the person…


Now we can move to the next major section of your resume, the Summary.