How To Write a Resignation Letter

I often receive questions about writing a resignation letter. Most people find themselves submitting a resignation letter under two opposite circumstances. The first is a positive move, upward and onward to your next big thing. If this is the case, the resignation letter will be bittersweet, but also a heartfelt, happy goodbye.

But then, in contrast, how do you leave a place of employment with grace, under less than favorable terms? In particular, if you are leaving employment and you are not on good terms with your work current supervisor, how do you leave without burning bridges? What if you’ve had disagreements with your chain of command and feel that the workplace has become a hostile work environment?

Writing a resignation letter can be a stressful experience for anyone, and it is easy to lose sight of the fact that it is just as hard to receive a resignation letter, as it can be to submit one. Simply trying to answer the inevitable question, “why are you leaving this company?” can generate a mix of emotions, especially when asked from both perspectives.

Please check back soon as I’ll have a demonstration video for you on the format, and content of a good resignation letter.