Hobbies are an optional part of any resume, so why should you bother adding this section to yours? Well – let’s address it from the employer’s perspective.

Employers and their human resources staff read through literally hundreds of resumes.

Are they looking for something in particular? In a nutshell, yes. Employers are in search of the right candidate for the position, not just in the qualifications, but also in the whole person.

So why is it important to add your hobbies to your resume?

Aside from the necessary qualifications and character, employers are looking for a person with the ability to communicate and connect with others. Someone who can build a professional relationship in a business environment, and still remain a person. Someone who does more than just work. Someone who fits in with the culture of their company, but also has a life.

Listing your hobbies are a good way to represent what you value in your life.

The activities you take on in your non-business hours say a lot about a person. Are you a skier, a rock climber, or a fisherman? Do you game or have a boat? Do you have dogs or cats – or maybe even both? Listing a couple of your hobbies shows the employer that you have a level head, can be a team player and also have ambitions of your own.

In our sample resume, I’ll show you the easiest way to list some of your hobbies…