The main goal of the education section of your resume is to show the prospective employer that you have the academic background in the field for which you are applying, without telling your whole life story. 

Read the job announcement carefully, as some employers will accept experience in a particular role in lieu of a degree. 

If you are just starting out or changing careers entirely, you should still list your educational background, but with the understanding that you may not necessarily receive the salary that you are expecting. When you interview with an employer, be clear about this. Make sure that they can meet your needs, monetarily, and that you can meet their needs, vocationally.

When you list your education on your resume, start by first listing the date range of the training, where it took place, and what diploma you were given at the end of the training. Most employers will want a copy of your high school diploma, and even  require college transcripts along with the college diploma, be sure to always keep a copy of yours handy.

Here is an example layout for your education section…