How To Write A Job Resume

Do I even need a resume?

The short answer is yes. If you’re in the job market without a resume, you are taking a long-distance trip without a roadmap.

No resume = no opportunity.

Interviewers and recruiters want to see your work experience in an easy to read format. They screen your credentials long before they invite you for an interview. From the employer perspective, there are literally hundreds of candidates to choose from.

At most, a resume will only get about six to eight seconds of scanning by a human.

So how do you get your resume to stand out?

Even if you have never written a resume before, or have a resume but not getting the results you want, fear not. You can do this.

In the beginning, just use some paper and a pen … I personally like to use a legal pad. It helps me plan out my documents better, and organize my thoughts when I am writing a resume for a client.

Your resume is going to have several sections that will contain the information that your prospective employer will want to read. I’ll show you how to put each section together, step-by-step, in a series of 60 second videos.

Find out how you can be the one with this 

If you don’t know your why, nobody can tell you, nor help you. Without knowing what your why is, most people end up settling for work they don’t really want. If you want to stand out, make up your mind and declare your why, or somebody else will do it for you.

How to make your best skills stand out

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a high school student, you bring to the table valuable skills that you have acquired over time. I’ll show you how to highlight your very best skills (and it’s easier than you think!)

Can your work experience work for you?

Whether you have an extensive career, or an after school job, if you think you don’t have any good work experience to put in your resume, think again. Every skill you have, you learned somewhere – but how can you make it work for you on your resume?

Magna Cum Laude? Or No Post-secondary.

Either way, your educational background has helped shape you into the person you are. But how do you show off your academic acheivements, without going overboard? I’ll show you how to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Whether you have a GED, High School Diploma or you Doctorate, let your accolades show.

These 3 tactics let’s them know you have what they need

Is there a particular way to present your specialties without it looking like alphabet soup? Don’t list your life story; stick to the facts and these 3 tactics and they will be calling you for an interview.

Will the real You please stand up?

You’re not just a job, you’re a whole person, and you have a life. So how do you let them know who you are without being an open book? I’ll show you how…