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I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people land great jobs by writing their resume and cover letter over the last twenty years. I’ve received questions that cover everything from how many years of work experience is acceptable to how a person should document having no work experience at all. The most common question I receive is about standard formatting for a resume; but the bottom-line question is “do I even need a resume anymore?” 

Anna Altomare
Anna Altomare aka perpetual optimist wants to help you discover your purpose, and put it to work!

Many have said that the era of the written resume has long since seen its glory days, and that email and texting have seemingly replaced the telephone conversation and even become the preferred method of communication in a younger workforce.

If all of this is true, then how does a person land the kind of job that will lead to a meaningful career?

Remember dating? Liken a job search to a dating relationship, where pursuing a prospective dating partner requires preparation, patience and persistence. A new job is no different, and requires just as much effort, if you want the long-term relationship.

So now that we’ve established that the resume is a necessary item in your job search, how to write your resume is the next big ticket item…

Click on the menu “How to Write a Resume” to get started. Here you will find how-to videos, all just 60 seconds or less. I will personally walk you through some of the most challenging areas of writing your own resume, starting with your own Objective.

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