Find a Job. NOW!

books_mockupAccording to the latest research, every job opening you see posted on the Internet in the U.S. will typically have more than one hundred and twenty people submit their application for it.

Only twenty percent of candidates will advance to an interview.

If the right candidate is found for the job, then they will receive an offer of employment. If not, the online advertisement starts all over.

With tough competition like this, is there a way to get your resume to stand out and be part of that top twenty percent?

Yes! You can be part of that top twenty percent if you do what others are not doing.

*Apply for the right job for you, and provide a well-crafted resume package.

*Avoid wasting valuable time applying for jobs that will never result in an interview or a job offer.

*Find new purpose and direction.

“Find a Job. NOW!” is the necessary step-by-step action plan to help you be more successful in your job search.

Using the exercises in this book, you can pinpoint the right industry for your life. You will learn how to write a resume package that gets you noticed. And you will discover successful interview techniques to help you make a lasting impression at your next interview!

Start doing what it takes to get the right job for you, attract the people you want to attract, and achieve the income you want to achieve.

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